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Can you hire a skip when you live in a flat?

Whilst hiring a skip to use at your house, business premises or building site seems a straightforward and simple idea, many people wrongly believe that just isn’t an option for those living in flats, apartments and tower blocks.

With no garden of your own and no clear land to place skips on, where would you ever put your waste? What laws and regulations cover the use of skips in flats, and are you even allowed to hire one?

Luckily, at AMA Skip Hire, we have the solutions to your problems.

What most people don’t realise is that there are actually no special requirements or legislation concerning the use of skips in flats.

If the land around your flat is owned by your landlord or by another private owner, you may simply be able to ask permission to have the skip placed on their land. If you cannot get permission, however, and if you don’t have your own private garden, skips can often be placed on public land instead, provided you have the right licenses from the local authorities.

At AMA we will arrange all the necessary licenses for you as part of our service, helping make the whole process simpler for you. And, to make your job even easier, we can provide chutes to help get your rubbish down from your flat to the skip, without you having to carry it all down the stairs.

Don’t want a skip? No problem!

Whether you can’t get permission for a skip, or you simply want to look at alternative methods of flat clearance, AMA can help.

Our ‘Man In A Van’ service is ideal for flat clearance, letting you empty and renovate your home without that bulky neighbour offending skip.

One of our trained, legally compliant professionals (and his van) will come round to your flat to help you with whatever clearance job you have. Perfect for clearing away less bulky items, and great for when you might need a little extra help getting the job done, this service is ideal for our customers living in flats where a skip just isn’t permitted or practical.

With skips ranging from 4 to 40yards, site clearance, man-in-a-van services and even hazardous waste removal, there is nothing that AMA Skip Hire can’t help you with.

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