How much food do UK supermarkets waste each year?

As children we were all told not to waste food, and yet statistics show that as adults we are now far more wasteful than ever before.Widely reported statistics last year showed that nearly 70% of bagged salad is thrown away by Tesco rather than sold, and that nearly 40% of their apples and almost half of all bakery items were routinely thrown away over 2013. The figures for other

Posted on 26th May 2016

How Much Pollution Do Power Stations Produce?

There's a lot of focus in the press these days about how we can make our homes, travel and workplaces more environmentally friendly. With energy prices that remain high, energy providers are usually the first to give out tips to keep your bills down, but at AMA we thought it was time to turn the focus back on them. It's true that some power is produced in relatively green ways; wind

Posted on 20th March 2015

Which Industry Creates The Most Pollution?

Which Industry Creates The Most Pollution? Recently here at AMA, we've been trying to encourage everyone we know to cut down on how much waste they produce. Whether it's friends and family or businesses big or small, almost everyone we meet could do more to make the world a little greener. All of our environmental efforts have left us thinking though, who actually produces

Posted on 9th March 2015

A greener, easier way for care home waste management

Here at AMA Waste we could tell you about our range of care home waste management services, and how they could benefit your business, until we were blue in the face. However we"d rather you heard it from one of our customers. Below is the story of a care home, and what happened when AMA Waste began helping them with their waste disposal needs. These days it seems like there is so much to do
Posted on 26th November 2014

The World's Wackiest Playgrounds

The word "playground" conjures up memories of carefree days running around, swinging on monkey bars and sliding down slides. The majority of us were taken to mainstream parks, featuring a brightly coloured climbing frame, a couple of swings and a seesaw. However there are some creative folks out there who have really pushed the limits of playground. Here are AMA's wacky highlights from
Posted on 13th November 2014