Achieving an Effective Waste Management Solution for your Business or Project

Posted on 19th June 2013

Waste management is, increasingly, one of the most important aspects of our businesses, our projects, and even our homes. Knowing we're doing our bit to contribute toward shrinking our carbon output, ensuring waste doesn't end up in landfill and keeping our sites as efficient as possible is now a top priority for us all. Still, as always, achieving this is a task easier said than done, and with so much waste formed as a result of our general, day-to-day processes, how are we to realistically keep on top of it all and stay environmentally friendly wherever possible? Fortunately, there is a solution! Here is the official AMA guide to effective waste management!

Waste in general works in a cycle, broken down into following steps:

Monitor- Collection- Transportation - Processing - Recycling.

The key to effective waste management is simply looking at each of these steps in greater detail, and applying a new set of standards that allow you to better remain in control of where your waste goes.

The monitoring stage requires you to begin a record of your waste output, detailing the products that are causing waste and the various streams of waste being produced as a result of your business/project. Once this is in place, you'll be able to easily identify further recycling opportunities and areas where you can minimise waste output.

Collection and transport is setting up a system whereby your waste is organized directly into appropriate containers, and a regular collection service is set up to ensure the cycle moves efficiently, and that there's no build-up of potentially harmful waste on your premises. Whilst the solution for this will differ for each varying business or project, our site clearance and muckaway services would be ideal in many circumstances, particularly commercial developments.

Finally, once the waste has been transported to the plant, the processing and recycling can take place. This will largely be down to the company you choose to take care of this stage for you, so pick one you can trust, whose recycling rates are high and whose environmental commitment is clear.

Here at AMA Waste, we provide a number of services that will help you implement an effective waste management system. No matter what work you're carrying out, we have a service to suit, so why not give us a call today to find out more!