Grab Lorry Hire - An alternative to skip hire?

Posted on 9th December 2016

Many of our customers come to us looking for a way to clear large amounts of waste from a site or an efficient way of getting things delivered to their job. Most people baulk at that idea of a grab lorry, dismissing them as only useful in big business or on commercial sites - but at AMA we want to spread the word about just how useful these lumbering giants can be.

Whilst, undoubtedly, skips are massively important in the waste management industry, there are times when one simply isn't practical or doesn't fit the needs of your job.

The Benefits Of AMA's Grab Lorries

For private users, one of the main advantages of waste removal via grab lorry is the speed and ease of the whole process. With skip hire it may be necessary to get permits to have the skip placed on a road, or alternatively have it taking up a large area of your garden. With grab lorry hire your waste can be removed from the roadside by our lorry, meaning you need no permits, cutting down on the hassle for you.

If you are not disposing of large chunks of waste, you can also place your waste into skip bags, which can be moved around your garden and picked up by our grabber, a much more convenient method than filling up a large skip.

For large waste though, especially construction waste, a skip often cannot hold the volume produced by a big job and the task of filling the skip can be hard and time consuming. In these instances, a grab lorry that can collect the waste for you will save time, money, and space on-site. With six and eight wheel grab lorries available to hire we are ideal for disposing of any large quantities of waste that would otherwise fill many skips. Despite being large vehicles with enormous capacity, they are also small and nimble enough to fit onto most sites, making the job of material delivery and waste collection even easier.

Far from only being useful for waste management and site clearance however, our grab lorries are also great for the delivery and movement of aggregates. A huge range of materials can be supplied to you either loose or in bags, delivered to the right area of your site by our lorry for the ultimate in convenience.

An alternative to skip hire

So then, in many situations grab lorries provide the perfect alternative or accompaniment to skip hire, helping you to clear your site quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

As with all of the products and services that we offer at AMA, we aim to be one of the most reliable and responsible businesses that you deal with. All of our staff, from the account managers handling your order through to our workmen on-site, are experienced professionals who's job it is to make sure you get the best service every time.

All of our services are available right across the UK and with next-day service we can be there, on-site, to help with any problems. To find out more about all the site clearance options AMA has to offer, including grab lorry hire, call us today on 0845 4757 934 or complete a contact form on our website.