A greener, easier way for care home waste management

Posted on 20th November 2017

Here at AMA Waste we could tell you about our range of care home waste management services, and how they could benefit your business, until we were blue in the face. However we'd rather you heard it from one of our customers. Below is the story of a care home, and what happened when AMA Waste began helping them with their waste disposal needs.

"These days it seems like there is so much to do. We want our staff to be focusing on the residents at our care home instead of worrying about the care home waste management. We had a company in charge of our wheelie bin disposal, but unfortunately that wasn't straightforward. They had inconvenient early-morning pick up times that would often wake up residents and disturb their important routine. When we enquired about changing the pick-up time they said it wasn't a possibility.

We wanted to renovate part of the building early in 2014 to make it feel more like home for our residents. However we had absolutely no idea about skip hire, what size we would need and where we could place it. This was when one of our business partners recommended AMA Waste Management.

After speaking to the lovely team at AMA Waste about skip hire and more generally about care home waste management requirements. We were allocated an Account Manager so we always had someone on the end of the phone to give us advice and information.

We really like AMA's friendly and personal approach. We were given really helpful advice about the size of skip we could use for our revamp, and details about where we could put it and if permits were required from our local council. We were particularly impressed with how quickly it was delivered.

We ended up transferring our waste management to AMA. Suddenly the process became simpler, and freed up staff to do other jobs around the home.

We can fully focus on giving the best care to our residents, as we don't have to worry about waste disposal. Their routines are no longer interrupted by badly timed wheelie bin collections, and we can get in touch with AMA if we need an extra collection or want to change the time. An added bonus of our new waste management plan is that the care home has become greener because AMA recycles 80% of our waste.

Having recently learnt about AMA's man in a van service. We are now using it to move patients' possessions out of their houses and into the care home, easing the pressure off their families and making the move a lot simpler.

Overall our AMA experience has been really positive and we would highly recommend them for care homes - or any other business for that matter!"

Get in touch with us on 0845 463 8437, or online, to find out how AMA could help with your waste disposal needs. Whether it's skip hire, clinical waste disposal, a man in a van or container hire that you need, we are happy to help.