Construction Contracts Heat up as Spring Kicks In

Posted on 31st May 2013

In our last post we wrote about a positive about turn for the construction industry, and how a recent survey had foreseen a brighter 2013 ahead, with improved figures through-out the first three months of this year! Well, it's back to the notepad for this month's blog, and low and behold, yet more good news for the construction industry has surfaced! According to an official measurement, it seems construction contracts awarded overall for the month of April have risen an astonishing 8% on March's results!

Yes the CPA (Construction Products Association)/Barbour API Index, despite being a bit of a mouthful to say or type, is the last word on these figures; a monthly guide to construction economics, specifically detailing the who, what, where and how of significant contracts all over the country. To keep the data in order, the company collate the contract results together into a league table, depicting the firms currently getting all the work, as well as providing overall figures on a month by month basis.

The data covers 10 key sectors of the industry including Private Housing, Public housing, education and health as well as Commercial retail, hotels and leisure, with Industrial factories and warehouses also added in to ensure a comprehensive analysis is possible.

The CPA's economics director Noble Francis commented regarding the rise saying "The latest CPA/Barbour ABI Index for April, which measures contract awards, was 121, 8% higher than in March. This is partly due to spring arriving, finally, after the snow-affected March, but the rise in the index does represent some much needed growth.” The figures should indicate growth between Q1 and Q2 which again puts the industry in even better stead for a prosperous 2013.

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