Food Waste to be put to Good Use in London

Posted on 17th April 2013

It seems every other day there's a new initiative to put our seemingly endless amount of waste to better use, and most importantly of all, to keep it away from landfill. If you caught our infographic last week, you'll know how far we've got to go to catch up, but you'll also be aware of just how much is possible if we put our mind to it and dig deep for the environment. Of course, when you put your waste management policies in place, you'll find that you become not only greener and more efficient, but you save money in the process! Here then, is how London is looking to contribute to the waste-to-energy movement, via its fat!

A new waste to energy deal has been signed confirming a £200 million project that stretches over 20 years, and puts the food waste, or more accurately the cooking waste that leaks from the heart of London to work!

The output of fats and oils and grease that comes from the thousands of restaurants and food companies throughout the capital typically clogs up the sewers and contributes negatively to the environment as a whole. Over a million pounds a month is spent clearing the drains of fat and oil related blockages, which is a significant weight on our ever-suffering economy.

Of course though, these oils are a source of energy and with the approved construction of a new Beckton power plant, we'll be able to generate revenue, selling that energy back to the national grid and lowering that million-a-month price tag whilst making the world a greener place to be!

With 5.3 million tonnes of food and drink going to landfill in 2012, this will help shrink that number and boost Britain's environmental figures overall! By anybody's standards, this is brilliant news.

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