Horsemeat Burgers Scandal Exemplifies Anti-Landfill Strategies

Posted on 1st February 2013

Here at AMA Waste, we don't like landfill. As dangerous, environmentally crippling and detrimental to the coming generations, it's widely known that landfill is to be avoided at all costs, and indeed it comes down to many of the larger UK companies to really make a stand a put into place a no or minimum landfill policy. That in mind then, what are you to do when suddenly, you find yourself in the possession of thousands of useless, unsalable horsemeat burgers that the media have just finished having their fun with? We were pleasantly surprised to find out.

Yes, the scandal that's swept the nation over the last couple of weeks saw a choice selection of incomprehensibly huge supermarkets apologising after results showed traces of horsemeat DNA in their burgers. As they were hurriedly removed from shelves and a number of sheepish remarks were made to the press, the question on everybody's lips was more focused on what exactly the supermarkets were going to do about this seemingly irrevocable mess.

Of course, therein we find another question; what is going to happen to the burgers themselves? The last thing we want as a result of all this is an extra portion of food waste sent straight to landfill. Fortunately, it seems this is not the plan at all, as a spokeswoman has announced plans to utilize the sustainable energy process of anaerobic digestion to strip the horse burgers down to their core components and then harvest them for the energy that can be salvaged. Less landfill, more energy. That's at least one positive result we garner from all this!

As anti-landfill advocates, at AMA, we make sure that all our waste is thoroughly sorted and the absolute, rock bottom minimum amount possible is sent to landfill. We recycle over 80% of all our materials whether you've utilized our skip hire service, site clearance, or any other form of waste management, the same rules apply across the board - no more landfill!

No matter how big or small your project, for an environmentally friendly solution to your waste, give us a call for a quote today, our range of services means one way or another, we're bound to be able to make life easier for you!