Out and Out Optimism in Latest Construction Industry Survey

Posted on 3rd May 2013

It seems like surveys are flying at us left, right and centre these days, and whilst many in the past few months have proclaimed seemingly endless problems and bad news for the construction industry, the newest outing performed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors finally claims a positive turn around has begun, and is on the cards for the future!

Indeed, the report has shown that more industry members have experienced a spike in their workloads during the first three months of 2013 than any time since the final quarter of 2007. A huge 10% stated they had received significantly rising workloads during this period, a figure that indicates growth and positivity for the whole industry.

The survey cites private housing construction as one of the chief culprits behind the boost in workflow. This news comes at the same time housing developer Lovell announce a huge £10m Skipton-based project, whilst Galliford also sealed the deal on housing contracts in Birmingham worth £42m!

Meanwhile South Shields' Trinity Green Office development, the recent £5.2 million project is to be on the receiving end of several Construction Excellence awards. Nominated in three categories of the CENE awards, the building is an accomplishment in construction, sustainability and technology.

With all this good news, there's little wonder that these increases are being interpreted as a hugely positive step forward for the industry as a whole, and signs that the government's efforts to stimulate the market are actually, finally making a tangible impression on the future of construction in the UK. With employment opportunities looking up and 27% of respondents of the RICS survey positive that the rise in workloads will continue to increase throughout the course of the year, things are certainly looking up.

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