Waste Powered Lorries Hit the Road for Home Improvement Retailer

Posted on 8th March 2013

It seems we're all trying to do our bit these days, and whether that's actively reducing your carbon footprint, ensuring you follow local recycling guidelines to the letter, or ensuring your latest commercial project has an effective waste management system in place, it's always great to see some of the bigger names taking on the challenge of boosting their ecological, environment friendly output to really try and make a difference. That in mind then, you might well be interested to hear that B&Q, one of the largest UK home improvement retailers has recently been given the green light to go ahead with its fleet of waste-based trucks!

Yes the company known for their overt orange overtones and their undeniably extensive range of lampshades have secured the planning permission to build a bio methane gas filling station at their distribution centre. This station will then supply a fleet of new trucks that will utilize the bio-methane as part of their 'dual fuel' engines.

The secret then, of course, is in bio-methane itself, as this gas is an entirely renewable, natural source of energy derived from the purifying and liquefying of landfill gas and similar waste methane materials. It'll be no surprise that using bio-methane dramatically reduces pollution, it cuts the waste generated from vehicles and makes them altogether more environment friendly!

This 50-strong fleet though is really just the tip of the iceberg for the company, as with a host of new double decker lorries and a shipment of 78 energy efficient vans, it seems there's no stopping the retailer in their quest for the most effective waste management system and eco-friendly output.

If you're looking to join B&Q and the other companies currently making deftly, ardent strides toward a greener tomorrow, we here at AMA Waste can help! Whilst we can't deliver trucks that run on waste, we can bring you a whole range of services that are eco-friendly, proactively recycling and incomparably efficient. Whether it's simply man in a van rubbish clearance, various degrees of skip hire, or grab lorries and tippers for large quantities of inert waste; be sure you're doing your bit with AMA - give us a call and we'll explain exactly how we can help out your entire operation, today!