The World's Wackiest Playgrounds

Posted on 13th November 2014



The word 'playground' conjures up memories of carefree days running around, swinging on monkey bars and sliding down slides. The majority of us were taken to mainstream parks, featuring a brightly coloured climbing frame, a couple of swings and a seesaw. However there are some creative folks out there who have really pushed the limits of playground. Here are AMA's wacky highlights from around the world:


The Fruit and Scent Playground, Liljeholmen, Sweden

This unusual park in southern Stockholm features a banana slide, strawberry spinners, a pair of cherry swings, an orange seesaw and a watermelon climbing frame. Unfortunately, it seems Swedish children would rather play in fruit than eat it, as obesity levels in seven year olds have increased from 8.5% to 21% in the last fifteen years.


Clemyjontri Park, Virginia

The name of this park is quirky in itself (a combination of the sponsor's children's names in case you were wondering), but the reason for its inclusion in this list is its unique level of accessibility. The entire park is equipped with ramps for wheelchairs and ground surfaces are covered with non-slip material, meaning that children with disabilities can play alongside those without.


Hoenderloo, Landal Miggelenberg Park, The Netherlands

Here at AMA we think that this playground in Hoenderloo would look more at home in the pages of a Dr. Seuss book than it would in the real world. It features warped fairytale style casing and is perfect for the aspiring climber or caver. It's a real shame this isn't closer to our head offices in Norfolk as it looks like great fun!

Pruessen Park, Berlin

This park proves that playgrounds aren't just for kids, or even teenagers. There is a strict age limit for Pruessen Park - in fact nobody under the age of 16 is allowed in the Playground for Grown-Ups.” The equipment is specifically designed for people over five feet tall and caters to Germany's fastest growing age demographic: seniors. The idea is to encourage them to get out and exercise more. If you're looking for a more local outdoor gym alternative then get yourself down to London - the Borough of Camden alone boasts nine.


Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church Cemetery, NY, USA

From the sublime, to the ridiculous of the playground world: A children's playground in a cemetery. The Church explains, we wanted to offer something most playgrounds don't offer: a chance for kids to come face-to-face with the prospect of mortality while they're playing with sand.” Here at AMA we think that's a little strange, but applaud their originality.

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