AMA Waste Takes Care of PPE and Covid Test Disposal

In recent months, testing capacity for Covid-19 has increased and mass testing Covid testing sites have popped up across the country. Many of these sites have been strategically positioned at service stations on key traffic routes.

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Hazardous waste

AMA Waste is proud to have provided waste management for 41 of these mass testing sites, taking care of PPE disposal, general waste for test packaging and hazardous Covid-19 test disposal.

The challenges of Covid-19 test disposal

Whilst AMA Waste are experts in clinical waste disposal, disposing of tens of thousands of Covid tests each week comes with its own challenges. Not only do the tests need to be kept separate from PPE and other waste, they also need to be placed in lockable bins before being sent straight to an incinerator.

The safety of the testing staff is our top priority, so we have provided training on bin usage and safety procedures across 40 testing sites nationwide, putting alternative safety procedures in place for diabetic drivers to prevent any risks of cross-contamination.

From the testing sites, the discarded tests travel to a special incineration site via our approved and audited disposal partner, ensuring that this high-risk procedure is managed safely and securely.

Whilst mass testing is still a relatively new phenomenon, it has been great to see our team adapt to the changes and apply their expertise in this field to help the national effort.

Supporting the community during the pandemic

At AMA Waste, we take our charity work very seriously. In recent months, we have donated laptops to local schoolchildren to help with online schooling and donated to food banks across the country. 

Our team has also been heading back to testing sites, volunteering as stewards to help the process run smoothly.